Casey McGehee’s 2014 Season Has Been Strange and Wonderful

Miami’s Casey McGehee has returned to the MLB after a year in Japan, and he’s had a great comeback season. So much so, that he could be in line for Comeback Player of the Year. But, his comeback story is even stranger than one could expect.

Our friends at numberFire.com have taken a look at the weird and wonderful that is the Casey Mcgehee emergence.


For those of you who aren’t fluent in Japanese, that means “Welcome back to America, Casey!” At least, that’s what my computer tells me, anyway.

Last year, Casey McGehee played in Japan in an effort to rediscover his swing, and hit 28 home runs while knocking in 93 runs. It seemed to have worked, which led to the Miami Marlins to sign him during the winter to a one-year, $1.1 million deal to play third base. They probably weren’t expecting a whole lot, but took a chance on a guy who hit 23 bombs and brought in 104 runs for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010. It was a very low-risk signing that didn’t move the needle on most MLB transactions and rumors blogs.

Instead, what they got was the potential National League Comeback Player of the Year who can’t be a free agent until 2016.

McGehee is currently one of the five NL finalists for the final spot on the All-Star ballot. However, this isn’t a piece that aims to convince you he should be chosen over the other worthy candidates. Instead, it’s to shine a light on what has been a very strange, yet very rewarding season for McGehee.

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