• ASTM Volume 04.04:2017

ASTM Volume 04.04:2017

  • ASTM Book of Standards Volume 4.04: Construction: Roofing and Waterproofing
  • standard by ASTM International, 06/01/2017
  • Publisher: ASTM
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Published annually in June.

This volume contains 172 standards.

These standards establish property requirements for roofing and waterproofing materials such as: asphalt roof coatings, single-ply membranes, underlayments, roll, and sheeting.

Others detail EPDM roofing seams and analysis of roofing membrane materials. Accompanying the specifications are tests and practices, which fix standard procedures for measuring the properties of roofing and waterproofing materials. Also included are several specifications and tests for bitumenized fiber pipe.

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