• An Introduction to Information Management

An Introduction to Information Management

  • Book by BSI Group, 07/05/2004
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Many individuals in management and administrative functions both in the public and private sector are being tasked with responsibilities associated with the management of information. This includes the generation, receipt, storage and disposal of information in both electronic and paper format.

Legislation can be confusing!The demand for "open government" and its associated legislation can seem confusing. On one hand, it states that information in the public sector should be made readily available to anyone unless there is a good reason not to. Whilst on the other, it states that personal information should be kept as private as possible.

An Introduction to Information Management will clear up any confusion. It reviews in detail what should be taken into consideration when implementing information management techniques within an organization from initial organizational analysis to final review. It provides an overview of why information and records are important, what sort of information you need to accumulate and how you can introduce a change management process to meet current and future legislative, cultural and business needs.


  • A world of information
    • First signs
    • The information revolution & where we are today
  • Why we need to worry!
    • Impact on public bodies
    • Impact on other organizations
    • Relevant legislation
  • The Government agenda
  • An immediate survival guide
  • Information management today
    • Introducing change
    • Understand the record keeping requirements
    • Strategy considerations
    • Planning & design considerations
    • Implementation considerations
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance

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