• Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for Marine Structures and Vehicles

Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for Marine Structures and Vehicles

  • Book by ASTM International, 01/01/1999
  • Publisher: ASTM
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This significant new ASTM publication is specifically aimed at cathodic protection in seawater. It summarizes the latest criteria and philosophies for designing both sacrificial and impressed cathodic protection systems for structures and vehicles in seawater. Seven peer-reviewed papers cover: ? A new approach that allows for the formation of calcareous deposits in a more accurate fashion than older, traditional methods ? Physical scale modeling of ICCP systems used by the U.S. Navy and how the results are translated into actual ship design ? Formulation and performance of aluminum anodes in various environments ? A protection design example for a geometrically complex warf structure ? Practical experiences involving deep water structures, such as offshore oil platforms ? Boundary Element computer modelingulatest technology for predicting cathodic protection current distribution and magnitude ? Preventing corrosion of space shuttle solid rocket boosters during ocean recovery This volume is a valuable technical reference tool for designers of marine cathodic protection systems and evaluators of designs performed by others.

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