• When Is Minimum Not Enough? Air Filtration in Medical Facilities

When Is Minimum Not Enough? Air Filtration in Medical Facilities

  • Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2004
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When evaluating the requirements for protection against biological/chemical acts, we need to look further than the minimum specifications for medical facilities. The potential for intrusion, type of agent, and exposure level of the facility can create important decisions if investment in protection is desired.

Filtration efficiency is but a small part of the equation, as the positive pressure/negative pressure environment required in facilities are not designed for the potential of mass intrusion caused by a terrorist act—possibly not even for the aftermath of drift from a dirty bomb or from contaminated persons looking for medical attention.

This paper discusses the levels of air filtration for the specific areas of a medical facility in relation to the actual benefit that can be derived from their use, not only for the biological/chemical weaponry that is a hot topic, but for general IAQ practice in hospitals as well.

Paper from IAQ 2004 -- Critical Operations: Supporting the Healing Environment Through IAQ Performance Standards

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Citation: IAQ Conference: IAQ 2004

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